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Hello Self Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness towards eating disorders by promoting body positivity and dismantling diet culture and fat phobia.

Founded in 2016 by Sofia Mahdavi.



1. Through various works of art, we tap into different areas of eating disorders and body dysmorphia. We explore the intersection of race, culture, ethnicity, ableness, sexuality, gender, socioeconomic standing, etc, with one’s relationship to their body and their relationship with food. In doing so, we hope to look at the whole person and represent the nuance of their story as not every experience is the same. By unveiling the social ramifications of fatphobia and diet culture, we strive to raise awareness and inspire self-love and recovery that is sustainable.​

2. The organization aims to create a safe and supportive online community where those battling eating disorders, or anything of the like, can look to each other for inspiration, support, and community. 

The community reminds others that they are not alone and allows them to interact with those that can truly understand and relate to their situation. In this way, individuals may help each other grow TOGETHER. Through various series and blog posts, we hope to cover as many areas as possible with as much diversity and representation as possible. 

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