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Directed and Choreographed by Sofia Mahdavi

Filmed and Edited by Adrian Hernandez

For all those in recovery, FREE yourself from who you once were, so that you can embrace a new body, mind, and life.

Metamorphosis is a short film that explores what it means to recover from an eating disorder. It encapsulates the struggle of letting go of one's disordered self in order to embrace a new recovery-minded version of one's self. Recovery is not a steady incline, and often we are visited by a longing to return to our disordered body and mind. "The moments where recovery feels the most painful are often the ones you are making the most progress, because it indicates you are actively challenging your demons. Keep on pushing forward even when the eating disorder voice screams at you. Things tend to scream when dying" -Amalie Lee, "Redefining Healthy"

Recovery doesn't mean things are suddenly easier. Recovery is how you deal with your disorder when it screams the loudest. #nationaleatingdisorderawarenessweek

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